Herbs and roots are a cornerstone of good spellwork. While it is certainly possible to perform spells and rituals without them, their energies are indispensable to many practitioners. When you perform your next spell, consider including some of these herbs and roots in order to benefit from their magical properties.

  • You can drink some of them in a tea to infuse yourself with these plant's energies (not all of them can be ingested.  Make sure to read carefully).

  • You can use them in creating a mojo bag.

  • You can roll a dressed candle in them to enhance your work.

  • You can steep them and use the water in a spiritual cleansing wash for mop water and/or a household cleaning spray.



These featured herbs were picked by us because we use them often and LOVE them!

  • the teas taste fantastic and are great for sipping on while practicing your craft.  It puts your in the right state of mind also immediately.

  • the fresh herbs are great for cleansing with.  You steep them in hot water, strain them and add the water to your mop water.  You can really tell the difference!

  • Rose of Jericho - perfect for anyone that forgets to water their plants!  use for attracting money by placing coins in the water

  • Bay Leaves - use a gold marker to write on each bay leaf what you want to bring into your life and burn them in a fire safe container on a full moon

  • Black Sea Salt - create protective barriers by pouring boundary lines

  • Camphor - burn to raise spiritual energy and remove negativity

  • Cinnamon - add to any attracting intention work

  • Five Finger Grass - add to any attracting intention work to keep whatever you attract

  • Lavender Flowers - great to add to pillows to sleep peacefully

  • Mojo Wish Bean - make a wish and add it to your mojo bags

  • Motherwort - anoint a white candle with protection oil, roll it in Motherwort and place in over a picture of you pet for a blessing

  • Sage - burn to cleanse your space and energy fields