With uses traced back to the Native American's teachings to early settlers, Black Cohosh root has been added to mojo or dream bags and other magical works.  BLACK SNAKE ROOT, also known as BLACK COHOSH, has a reputation for Preventing Evil from Entering the Home. Some carry it for Protection from Harm and to Ward Off Unnatural Illness. Others sprinkle it outside the house to Take Off Bad Work and Undo Crossing Marks. It may be made into a tea which is added to floor wash to get rid of Jinxes and Enemy Tricks laid on the door-step. Bathing in the tea is said to destroy an unwanted suitor's love for you. To use it as a floor sweep, sprinkle the chips onto the floor and sweep them out the door. To make an unwanted renter move, you may mix BLACK SNAKE ROOT with their hair, burn the mixture, place the ashes in a jar, and bury it in a graveyard at the next full moon.

Black Cohosh Root Powder 1 oz (Cimicifuga Racemosa)


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