We will be using an Abundance candle to bring in an abundance of material and spiritual satisfaction. When you focus energy through a carved candle you will attract that same energy into your life. By sending out positive energy and visualizing what you desire, you will receive positive results. Abundance candles are usually used to attract money, financial gain, fertility, happiness, love, health or abundance at the start of a new year, or a new chapter of your life.  

At our workshop, students learn the history of candle magic, the power of intention and get to customize their own 7-day take-home candle. We will be carving green pillar candles with the abundance sigil and anointing them with oil, glitter and blessings. 

Everyone goes home with a candle and glass pillar candle holder.

$35.00 includes all supplies needed.
Dress to get messy!


Pre payment and registration is required.

Abundance Candle Carving Workshop


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