Does your Home or Business need a Spiritual Cleansing?


  1. Have you noticed any unusual smells such as flowers, sulfur, perfumes, or foul odors?

  2. Have you heard any unusual noises such as unaccounted footsteps, knocks or banging?

  3. Have you heard any unaccountable voices such as whispering, yelling, crying or speaking?

  4. Have you experienced any uncommon cold or hot spots in a room?

  5. Have your pets acted strangely, as if they had seen a presence that was not there?

  6. Have you had uncommon problems with electrical sources flickering off and on such as lights, doorbells, kitchen appliances? Has there been any with uncommon and unexplained plumbing leaks?

  7. Have family members or guests had trouble sleeping or frequent nightmares?

  8. Do you just feel uncomfortable and need the space cleared?

If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, your home may need a cleansing!


Spiritual Cleansing - $75

I begin by allowing the Light & Love of God, his Angels and all of the deities to use me as a conduit to spread love and positive energy into your home. Our home is more than a place where we eat and sleep. It is our safe zone from a world that sometimes can be very negative and at times can take a toll on our bodies. We need a place to be where we can feel safe and sometimes we do not realize we are the ones that bring in negative energy into our homes.


The practice of having your home blessed has been practiced for centuries. It is simply a cleansing of any negative energy, disharmony, hardship or the vibrations left behind by illness that lingers. We do not realize the energy we create when we argue, complain or fill our homes with sadness. I have walked into many homes and felt the weight the thickness in the air of past negative energies and recommended a cleansing and bringing the power of positivity into this home or business. It works and nothing is more rewarding then knowing that my guides worked through me to not only cleanse but to share how important it is for our mental, physical, and especially spiritual health to think and live a more positive life. One filled with Love, Compassion and Peace especially in places where we spend so much of our time.


I bring my case of special items and based on your space I ask my guides what should be used (sage, crystals, candles, incense, Saint Medallions, etc) and with the use of my tools my guides help me bring clarity, peace, security and a new energy filled love. and the introduction of a egative energies new energy filled with love.


Marie A.

I would like to thank Jim and Melissa for coming to my home and for the great work that they did for me and with the house cleansing The house feels warm and inviting again and I feel protected and filled with peace and love. I highly recommend Skull And Moon. Thank You so much!! God Bless you!!!.


I did not know what to expect when I asked  for a House Blessing. Jimmy explained everything as he used different items. He involved me in  many of the  blessings. My home has had a negative feeling for quite sometime. After he was done I truly felt a weight had been lifted.  So appreciative.

God Bless you!